our mission


The Nanaimo Arts Council seeks to encourage creativity.
We believe that the arts are a critical component of a healthy life and a strong community. We want a positive, productive, creative city, where all of us can thrive.

our values

We believe art doesn’t happen until an audience appreciates it. We hope to create art by putting audience in front of what we perform and make. Art becomes part of a conversation, part of our experience and part of what makes this city great.

our goals

  1. Create a gallery and performance space to showcase the efforts of local artists. 

  2. Establish easy to rent studio spaces for local and visiting artists. 

  3. Develop a space to present educational events related to art and culture. 



For almost fifty years NAC has played an integral part in the incubation and development of many of Nanaimo’s now autonomous organizations and events including the Port Theatre and the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music. NAC has worked hard to both support creators and develop audiences and is now actively involved in blurring the line between them.

Jordan Johns


photographing, collaging, fishing, walking, studying art and nature


Michelle Crowley
director at large

educator, writer, fundraiser


Dan Appell
general manager

gardening, urban planning, urban designing, graphic designing, drafting, sculpting, painting, drawing


Eddy Martin Graham


painting, clothing design, teaching, studying art and nature


Jessica Aubertin
administrative assistant