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June 29, 2017


Are you, or someone you know, a creative entrepreneur that would benefit from taking part in my doctoral research? The purpose of my research is to learn how creative entrepreneurs can master their passion so we can design better entrepreneurial programs to support their long-term success.

To do this, I'm launching a coaching series called called the Make-it-to-Market Program that I've designed for creative entrepreneurs who need support to grow their business.

This is a four-month coaching program that is broken down into 5 group coaching sessions and 5 individual coaching sessions. In our time together, creative entrepreneurs will build and grow their business in real time while learning how to make more effective entrepreneurial decisions. When we did the Artist-2-Entrepreneur program pilot last year (see video), we realized the outcomes were both personal and commercial transformation; while I can't promise that, I can attest that people who commit to my coaching well exceed their own expectations.


Specifically, We're looking for people who are:
  • Creatives

  • Going beyond the startup phase

  • Ready to get serious about commercializing their business

  • Available and willing to commit to the coaching sessions

  • Island-based (or able to be part of a virtual group of 3)

You are ready now! We are available
Run time: Every 2 weeks for 5 group coaching sessions; 5 individual sessions as needed
Time commitment: 15 hours per month over 4 month.
Cost: Free - In exchange of participation and data for qualified candidates (must meet research criteria including the ability to join a local group of three)

Place: The Network Hub in Nanaimo (other locations by group demand)

Maybe you are a creative entrepreneur, maybe you know one? Feel free to forward the linked file with full details to those who you have a hunch may be a fit.


For more information and registration PRESS HERE

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