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July 11, 2017


As part of our fund raising Boogie Woogie arty Party we are going to have an anonymous art sale (Whose Art is it Anyway). All our members are invited to paint a 10" x 10” canvas. It will be displayed as a group. Everybody at the party will be able to buy a work from this collection for $50, but no one will know who did which piece. Just like the Art Auction, 50% of the the sale price will be returned to the artist, and 50% will go towards our building fund: the Creative Space Initiative.


As well, we are selling the blank 10” x 10" canvas this year. Only $5 dollars. Come into the office lay down your fiver and walk out with a perfect canvas ready for your natural brilliance.

You may buy a piece because you very much love it, or you have the perfect place for just that piece in your lovely home, or you think it is an investment which will reap massive dividends because it is such an exceptional work of art sold for only 50 bucks. The only thing is, you cannot buy a work of art because you know the artist. You will not know who created the work of art until after you purchase it. 


RSVP to or with your name, contact information and title of your art work.

After the party the remaining artwork will be taken to our office and offered for sale at the Network Hub and our website.


Dan Appell | General Manager


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