Ladysmith Camera Club May Event

Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 7pm

Hardwick Hall

High Street at 3rd Ave Ladysmith

Everyone Welcome

Non-members $5 drop-in fee

LCC invites new members, novice to pro



Ladysmith Camera Club presents “Light and Colour,” with freelance magazine photographer and instructor Brian Argyle. Great images need focus and composition, but the ultimate skill and key to success is visualizing the light and colour before you press the shutter and how they will influence the final image after processing. Come learn how in this enlightening presentation.


Brian is a traveler, freelance magazine photographer and Photography/Lightroom instructor.  Since switching from film to digital nearly twenty years ago, he likes to capitalize on advantages brought about by the ever-advancing influence of technology on photography.  And, while he's the first to admit you can take great photos with ANY camera, he considers himself a bit of a camera geek and is always happy to discuss anything photographic, no matter whether it's before or after the shot. He's forever discovering new things that drive his enthusiasm.


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