Works of HeART Project Call Out

June 26, 2018

Artists Called to Make a Difference! The Nanaimo Arts Council and Works of HeART Project have joined forces to host a collaborative, impactful Art Exhibition. Utilize your creative talents to celebrate multi-culturalism, promote unity and challenge racism.


Works of HeART Project
Inspiring positive change through artistic expression
For more information check out their Facebook or Twitter pages.


If you are interested in creating an art piece for this show please RSVP.



By Micki Findlay


Art can be so many things; a captivating painting, a compelling photograph, a memorable piece of music, a beautifully-choreographed dance, a thought-provoking video.  There is no denying how important it is to express oneself in whatever medium we feel connected to and are passionate about.  Nor is there any denying how a painting or a piece of music can stir something inside of us, rekindle a memory, help us feel alive.


Artistic expression is something that makes life on this planet worth living.  But can it actually change the world?  Can it inspire people to be the best version of themselves?  Can it make a difference?  I believe it can and that is the kind of art that gets me fired up. 


Certainly, we may never know how our art has impacted the world. There are some things that are impossible to gauge.  But I feel challenged, as a creative human being, to try and create art every day in the way that I live.  


Perhaps we may never write a book, paint a painting, or compose a song.  We may find other ways to express ourselves.  For instance, this past February, our new, creative, humanitarian group organized our very first community event, in which we invited people of all ages and from all walks of life, to join us in creating a ‘huge human heart’ in solidarity for the victims of bullying.  We will be using footage from that event to produce a film intended to inspire individuals and communities worldwide to create positive social change.  So, you see, art can take many forms.  And if you can bring a community together in unity, as you express your creativity, that is not only meaningful; it is powerful.


When you hear of all the violence and tragedies in our world, it is clear we need change.  But, contrary to what some might say, we do not need more walls; we need to tear them down.  We need to build more bridges between people by breaking down the barriers caused by ignorance, fear and misunderstanding toward those who are different from ourselves. We need to listen more and talk less.  We need to put aside our preconceived ideas, assumptions and fears and learn from each other.  Art, music, dance… they can help us get our message across.  They also have the ability to open hearts and once our hearts are open, we are better able to listen.




Micki Findlay is the founder of Works of HeART Project – ‘Inspiring Positive Change Through Artistic Expression’.

This is a Vancouver Island based initiative that challenges racism and bullying and promotes kindness and inclusion through creative and artistic means. 

One of Micki Findlay's stories was just published in Chicken Soup For the Soul!

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