June 12-16, 10pm (site opens at 9pm)

Waterfront Suites and Marina @ 1000 Stewart Ave

For more information and tickets visit the Caravan Stage Company website

NOMADIC TEMPEST is performed aboard the Amara Zee,Caravan Stage Company's 90-foot Tall Ship, which is a replica of a Thames River Sailing Barge. Audiences gather on the shore to experience original music, soaring vocals, aerial artistry, and large scenic elements backed by spectacular lighting and sound effects. This auditory and visual feast has enthralled audiences of all ages all throughout Europe and North America. Performing in areas most impacted by rising sea levels and the realities of forced migration due to climate change, the Caravan is a diverse, volunteer-driven Company bringing the arts to shores near you.


NOMADIC TEMPEST is the mythical saga of a band of monarch butterflies forced to migrate due to climate change, serving as a metaphor for today's climate refugees. The Monarchs are from four global regions: Salish Sea, Syria, China, and Mexico, and each sing in their own tongue: Hunqeminem, Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish. The original English lyrics are projected as subtitles during the show.


Kanandra, the singer-narrator, can foresee the future, but is cursed by the SwallowWarts, representing the evil oil industry, so that no one believes her prophecies. She understands and speaks the tongues of all species on the planet, and finds herself last on Earth with the butterflies. Together, they combat the SwallowWarts in order to protect, and ultimately save, the planet.


The production is a continuous cinematic panorama of originally designed video graphics, animations, and images. Within the upper trusses and the lower decks, as the aerialists cavort, a palette of surprises, colors, and mechanical transformations are engineered into this one-of-a-kind experimental rock opera.

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