Harbour City Theatre and the Vancouver Island Confrence Centre

Line up and tickets available at Nanaimo Fringe Festival

The 8th annual Nanaimo Fringe Festival will run August 9 – 18, 2018. 10 companies will be performing at Harbour City Theatre and Vancouver Island Conference Centre. Tickets for individual shows cost $17 ($12 if you already have your membership button) and are available in advance through Eventbrite or at the door. Festival Passes are always popular, they are available at the door and at Fascinating Rythm. Festival Guides are available mid-July.


All our performers are chosen by lottery. Our festival is perfect for developing, emerging and experimenting artists.


Did we mention we deliver 100% of the base ticket price to the participating theatre company? Fringe Festivals encourage artists’ exposure, provide a space for local artists to develop their talents and offer the opportunity to build bridges with international performers. You might wonder how we can afford to do what we do…


Are you interested in volunteering? Signing up is simple. 

Included is the link to the volunteer sign up form, which will only take two minutes to complete. 

There are so many awesome perks to becoming a volunteer:

  • Free tickets to this year's incredible shows!

  • A Nanaimo Fringe Festival t-shirt and buttons.

  • The opportunity to meet some fantastic artists from all over the world.

  • A chance to support the arts in your community!


    And so much more. We really would love to see you, so please consider volunteering, and why not ask a friend to join you? The Fringe Festival is powered by the help and support of our amazing volunteers, we truly could not do this without you! 

Here's the link to the volunteer sign up form!


Once you've signed up to volunteer, you'll need to sign up for the shifts you want to work during the Festival. The shift calendar will be on the website soon, I'll email it to everyone who has signed up once it's gone live.


If you don't think you have time to volunteer this year but do have space to put up an artist, OR you do have time to volunteer AND you have space to put up an artist, why not consider billeting one of our Out Of Town acts? Offering an artist a place to stay is a great way of supporting the Fringe Festival, and an awesome opportunity to make a new friend!


Here's the link to the Billet sign up form!

Thank you so much for all of your help in keeping the Nanaimo Fringe Festival alive.


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