November 7, 2018

A place to rest your weary eyes, relax, enjoy a softly stimulating ambiance while taking in the excellent work of local Arts Council members. Soft music and comfy chairs will be provided.


This year we will be displaying Diptychs by NAC members. There will also be approximately six tables of different works. Check out some of the artists and their work that will be at the 78 Wharf Street Gallery for Artwalk 2018! 





Sima Elizabeth Shefrin is a well-known fabric artist, and BC Book Prize nominated illustrator. Her table will include her books for children as well as a small graphic novel for adults, hand-made antique lace dolls, and greeting cards, calendars and fridge magnets, all featuring examples of her art. You can see more of Elizabeth’s work at . 








Dana Smiley was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, moved to Vancouver Island in 1967 where she and her husband worked and raised their two children.  After retirement in 2000 Dana decided to try her hand at painting. She started with watercolours and gradually included acrylics to her choice of mediums.  She has spent her life on the West Coast so many of her paintings depict the coastal scene. Her paintings can be viewed at the Nanaimo Arts Council Gallery Nanaimo.  Once a year her work is shown at the Art Craft Bake Sale at the Nanaimo Golf Club.


After being a knitter for many years, in 2007 Dana decided to start a small business of knitted products which has proved to be successful.  Dana enjoys golfing with her golfing friends. As a trained bookkeeper she has participated in many Nanaimo Community Organizations and continues to take part in community projects.  She is the Vice-President of the Nanaimo Arts Council and works as their bookkeeper.



Maggie Wouterloot and Kim Hubbard create bedazzling works of household and wearable art.  All works are upcycled from chandeliers, porcelain and vintage jewellry.



Patrick Flavin is a representational artist and is primarily interested in the human form particularly the face.  He gets a great deal of enjoyment from creating a lifelike piece of work from an inert lump of clay. 

Patrick is inspired by the faces of people he see every day and by the works of the old masters particularly their etchings and drawings.  This inspiration expresses itself in the predominance of portraits and faces in his work.  He believes the most expressive art is that which focuses on the face. In his work he tries to evoke a bygone age both in subject matter and in the technique he uses.  Patrick believes that in today’s world we are beginning to lose sight of many of the skills that go into the production of art. There is less and less emphasis on human anatomy. Also many of the skills and crafts associated with the production of art are being lost such as mold making and casting. 


The production of each of his pieces involves a long process beginning with the modeling of the piece in clay.  He then makes a mold of the piece.  When the mold is finished he casts a finished piece from the mold.  This piece then has to be finished by hand using pigmented wax to give an aged appearance to the work. The whole process can take up to ten hours.  He believes that, as he has control of each aspect of the process, he produces work that meets his needs exactly.  Thus, even though each piece is one of a limited edition it is unique in so far as it is hand finished and will thus be different to the other pieces in the edition



Sonja will have a table with selection of small paintings from one of her favourite places of joy in Nanaimo... Piper’s Lagoon. These landscapes are painted in acrylic on kiln dried pine, and are a diversion from her work in abstraction



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