January 14, 2019

Over the past few years I have been asked a bunch of times, "can't we produce a film with the Cinema Society?" And I'd have to explain that although it was a good idea "no, because the Society is not a production company." We support filmmakers and the filmmakers who have production companies but the society itself is not a production company. We do not produce films. We provide the resources, connections, and education to help filmmakers make their movies.


Despite that, the idea persists. A film production made in the purpose of providing learning experience for filmmakers would be a great thing. Two objectives this year are to create more promotional content for the society and to provide more learning opportunities, so with that in mind, we are announcing the PROMO FILM PROJECT!


We are producing a short film with the society from script to screen! To make it as part of the society though, the film that we are going to make will revolve around the Hub City Cinema Society. So that in sense, while we are creating an actual film, the film serves as promotional material for the society. It's a PROMO FILM. Not a film film that will be sent to festivals or sold to Netflix. Having said that, we want to treat it like a professional film production and let everyone who is interested to be involved and get experience. The completed film will be screened at CINEFEST and released on the society's Youtube channel.


The first step of the process is writing a script. So we are calling to our writers to write a script that we will produce! The simple requirements are:
1. Tell a story!
2. The story must follow the story PREMISE of "An aspiring filmmaker poorly attempting to make a movie all alone must find other filmmakers in order to finish their film."
3. The Hub City Cinema Society must be written into the story in some way.
4. Maximum 10 pages.
5. Deadline for scripts is Saturday February 9 which is when we are having our next Script Session.


At the next Script Session we will read all promo film scripts and everyone present at this session will get to VOTE on which script we will turn into a film.


Once we have a script, we might do some revisions and then we will begin pre-production.


For now though we are focused on scriptwriting. We hope a bunch of our writers will make an effort to write scripts for the promo film project! Look forward to reading the scripts! Get imaginative! This will be an exciting process and hopefully we will make a cool film, have some fun, and get some great experience!


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Zachary Tannar
Hub City Cinema Society

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